Conference Presentations and Policy Contributions


‚Shaping the Future: The Changing Roles of ECAs‘
G7 ECA Heads GP Session, Tokyo

‚Enhanced DFI-ECA Coordination in the Context of Global Gateway‘
European Union – High-level Seminar, Brussels

‚Climate as a Catalyst for Cooperation across International Finance‘
Berne Union 90th Anniversary Stakeholder Event, London


‚UN-convened Net-Zero Export Credit Agencies Alliance Launch‘
COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference, Dubai

‚Trade Finance‘
G20 Finance Conference, Trade and Investment Working Group, Mumbai

‚Climate Finance‘
OECD ESG Practitioners, Paris


‚Turning Policy Ambitions into Effective Action‘
OPEC Fund Development Forum 2022, Vienna

‚Managing the Green Transition in Times of Crisis‘
IfTI Global Symposium 2022, Offenburg

‚Better Together – Fostering Trade and Innovation‘
Prague Club Committee Biennial Meeting 2022, Dubai


‚Export Credits and the Climate Transition‘
E3F Export Finance for Future Ministerial Meeting, Online Virtual

‚Fachforum Finanzierung‘
Außenwirtschaftstage 2021 Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, Online Virtual

‚ECAs and Climate Action – An Overview‘
Dutch Government Stakeholder Meeting 2021, Online Virtual


‘ECAs and Exim-Banks Today: From Insurer of Last Resort to Trade Creator’
Berne Union 2020 Annual General Meeting, Online Virtual

‘Strengthening Finance and Trade Resilience to Global Pandemic‘
3rd East African Banking and Microfinance Forum, Online Virtual

‘El seguro de crédito a la exportación: Evelucíon o revoluciónución?’
XII Conferencia CESCE 2020, Madrid


‘Leveraging DFIs/ECAs for Economic Transformation’
Afreximbank Annual General Meeting, Moscow

‘Changes in the Global Landscape of Trade and Development Finance‘
EU Think Tank Meeting, Copenhagen

‘Creating Impact: How Export Credit Instruments Can Innovate’
Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk, London 


‘The Arrangement at 40 and the ECG at 55: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges‘
OECD Export Credits Forum, Paris

‘Changing Priorities of Private Sector Investments‘
Asian Development Bank Financing Partners Forum, Manila

‘International Institutions and the World Economy’, Model United Nations
Durham University, Durham                


‘New Trade Initiatives: Towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals’
WTO Public Forum, Geneva 

‘Chancen und Risiken in der Handels- und Exportfinanzierung’
ICC-Konferenz, Munich 

‘Gridlock and Resilience in Trade – Globalisation and its Challenges’
Export Credits Working Group of the Council of the European Union, Tallinn 


‘Demand for Export Credit and Political Risk Insurance’ (with Simone Krummaker, University of London), DVfVW Jahrestagung, Vienna 

‘Trade Finance for SMEs: Instruments, Policy and Innovation’
WTO Public Forum, Geneva 

‘Energy and Climate Finance: Policy, Governance and Economics’ (with Thomas Hale, Oxford University), BU Energy Underwriting Specialist Meeting, Nairobi 


‘Innovative Financing and Financing Innovation’
Innovation Week, UAE Ministry of Finance Seminar, Dubai 

‘Capacity Building and Risk Sharing in Emerging Markets’
Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk, London 

‘Innovative Funding to Internationalise SMEs’
ITC World Export Development Forum, Doha 


‘State Export Credit Guarantees and the Demand for Insurance’
ifo-Konferenz ‘State Export Credit Guarantees in a Globalized World’, Munich 

‘Supporting Developing Countries’ Exports and Investment Flows‘
ICIEC Seminar Supporting Trade and Investments, Jeddah

‘Navigating Economic Promotion: Smart Metering, Strategic Decisions‘
Global Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk, London


‘ECA High Level Panel Discussion on Findings’, G20 Workshop on Mobilising Private Sector Climate Finance, Copenhagen 

‘Unleashing the Potential: ECAs and their Importance in Trade Finance‘
Aman Union Annual Meeting, Doha

‘Basel III – Impact on ECA and Trade Finance‘
Berne Union Spring Meeting, New York


‘Promoting Global Trade’, Global Policy Discussion
London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London

‘Export Finance: Enjoying a Boom‘
Annual Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference, Cape Town

‘The Economic Shift to Emerging Powers‘
British German Forum Wilton Park, Steyning